Sunday, July 6, 2014

Recently a good friend suggested I join a team on Etsy - I have two shops now: one for Kalico Kards and another for my hand made necklaces n' scarves at Handmade for you by Di. 

Anyway - about the team: because my first love is fabric, and I wanted to be part of a team that was passionate about what I loved.  Next, because I'm livin' on the flip side of 50, I wanted to share this love with my own age group - but there wasn't a team and so I initiated one and the first response to my question was a sweetheart from Simmons Creek Trading Post on Etsy.  Lora was also interested in such a team and because I have little time so as it is for extra activities, I didn't want to lead the group and asked Lora if she would do us the honors.  Lora is our captain and before the day was out - there were at least 6 responses and presently (4 days later) there are 28 of us.  It's amazing how fast word gets around - especially on Etsy.  You don't have to have a shop on Etsy to join the team but you do have to be a member of Etsy.

One of the first questions posed by our captain was how do we each store our fabric stash.  It's interesting to hear the different responses.  Because I create card designs with the fabrics I love, it's not around too long - but I did find myself buying more than needed, and have accumulated extra which I store in clear bins - I can see through them but I still put a 4x12" card down the side itemizing them according to how I use them: i.e. kids fabrics, sports, flowers, vehicles, beach, animals, etc.  This makes it easier to find a fabric - but - I do lose one occasionally and find it somewhere it's shouldn't be. 

There never seems to be enough time in a day to complete all that needs attention and filing fabric is not something that's at the top of my list.  I've gotten a little wiser after 23 years and only buy what I think I'll use of most fabrics and when it's gone, it's gone!  I have regrets, but fewer than I thought.  I do have a unique way of finding fabric though - I just walk through the aisles of the fabric store and wait for it to jump into my arms!  I've put it back on the shelf only a few times when pricing was outrageous!  Usually I have a percent off coupon for the local  fabric store, and if there's more than one fabric that's a must have, I will come back the next day with another coupon and purchase the other one.  Those $5 savings add up to hundreds in a years time!

Check back for more on my 50+ and fabric obsessed!
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