Wednesday, March 19, 2014

It's about time I get back to my blogspot, don't you think?  Lots has happened since I last posted - let's see - where should I begin:

It almost Spring here in the northeast according to the calendar but winter just doesn't want to let go - maybe it's waiting for us to say thank you for the bitter cold and all the snow that are provided a warm blanket  for our flowers and shrubs that will be blooming - a few  of which  provided fodder for the local deer herd that thinks our back yard is their feeding grounds.   I'm gonna miss the rhododendron  we've been nurturing back to health the past few years, perhaps the buds left behind by the deer will blossom and say thank you for us.   We won't have to trim our evergreen pachasandra either - the deer have already done that for us and the myrtle that hung over the driveway  - it was wiped out completely!  We do have a lot to be thankful for however.  We had electric through all 6 of the storms (our electric not only heats and lights our home, but it  runs the pump for our water and sewerage!) On the flip side of all this, we have our faith to sustain us and can chuckle at all that is past because the warmer weather will come, no matter what happens between now and then-  (there's been talk of another snow storm within the next week)!

Hugs to you
the kardlady

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