Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What's New?

It's been months since I've posted,  and I have no real excuses except that  I have been busy!  I set up a new location for my  Kalico Kards catalog over the summer months - resizing all the images  (about 270 cards and 270 messages inside the cards) for my present catalog. Any  spare time  left I was helping my husband to downsize our present home of the  excess baggage we've both accumulated over 56 years of marriage.  

Two people can certainly  fill their lives with a lot of "stuff"!   I wanted to start with his excess just about the time he wanted to start with mine!  Much of  mine is "little stuff" - he has "big stuff" - not only in size, but in value!  Two people do not need 5 vehicles - 2  oldies which don't even run  (he planned to restore them), our run-about  car, a newer card and a van used for Kalico Kard shows locally.  When I called 3 of them "junk" - he did sell one, but he just  ignores me when I ask about the others.  Presently one of  them is jacked up under the carport taking up space while the other 3 that we drive, stand out in the weather rusting from the under side up!

He also has a 2000 sq.ft. 2 story garage  which he used for his business before retirement 13 years ago.  It is full of "his stuff" plus the "stuff" that overflowed  our home.  I visited there recently and saw things I thought were long gone!   Our grown kids even have "stuff"  stored in that garage..... and he wants me to size down my collection of music boxes?

Getting older can really be a simple and easy  progression if we don't complicate it with all our stuff!  The purpose of this post is a reminder for those  livin' life on the flip side of 50!  Think twice before you make a purchase - ask yourself - "do I really need this?"  You'll save yourself a lot of time, money, energy, and heartache later if you're completely honest with yourself now.  I speak from experience - it's harder to let go of life when you're attached to a lot of "stuff"!  I've never seen a hearst pulling a Uhaul behind it!

the kardlady 

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  1. Never a truer word spoken Dianne!! I certainly have plenty of that "stuff" of which you speak!! Hope you keep everyone of those music least until he lets go of another car and a few more bits!! lol. ♥