Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Livin' on the flip side of 50 NOW!

To those who have followed "Livin' life on the flip side of 50" - thanks for your faithfulness - for the rest who are reading this, welcome!  It's been a while... and lots has happened since my last post ... but I am happy to find it still here with thousands of views! - thanks to Google!

"Livin' Life on the flip side of 50" is a  "catching" name  don't you think?  I thought about beginning all over again with a new blog, but I'd want it to have the same name - so why not just begin right where I left off some time ago!

The first week of 2016 - and I don't know where the time went, but it flew by and it feels like I've been living on the flip side of 50 for a loooong time now!  I'm still making handmade Kalico Kards and they can still be found at www.kalicokards.com along with a few framed keepsakes and other gifts if you want to stop by.  I'm not doing as many craft shows as I had been doing, but because I love meeting new people, I still look forward to the shows because I always come away inspired - and heaven knows how much that means when we're livin' on the flip side of 50!

I've added some new items  to my website: crocheted winter scarves and knitted jewelry scarves with pendants for those who are interested.  There's just not enough time in a day to accomplish what I'd like to however, between trying to stay healthy, take care of a husband and a home, a website there's little time  for much else.  I did have a few issues with a heart problem over the past 6 months and 2 emergency visits to the hospital, all the doctor appointments added to an already full schedule wasn't what I planned for

Enough for now - I'll have to tell you about what caused me to be taken by ambulance to the emergency room twice within 6 weeks

the kardlady.

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