Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Happy Mothers Day

This is one of my latest creations-  a teacup Mothers Day card.  It doesn't open like other Kalico Kards,  - the wire steam images are for  adding a gift card  to her favorite shop, and after Mothers Day she can use it to display pictures of her kids or grandkids on her fridge (there's a magnet  glued onto the back. 

I also created a bookmark Mothers Day card - the bookmark is removeable and there is a message inside the card: "One special rose for one special Mother!"  A kind of generic but sweet message appropriate for your sister, daughter, grandmother, or friend as well as your mom!  The teacup card is listed at and the bookmark card is available also if you'll email me at
Thought maybe you'd like to see the aphgan I made recently  for my nieces wedding shower - I finished it in just 20 hours, including the rosebuds and leaves, which were added after it was completed.  I used 3 strands of a soft white  knitting worsted held together and a large size Q crochet hook.  It is all done in double crochet with a slight pattern around the outside of the white and then trimmed in deep red and olive - the same colors as the rosebuds and leaves.  May and June are the months for weddings and showers - I have two weddings coming up, but I think I'll just give a gift card or money!

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