Sunday, May 5, 2013

Can you guess what this is?

Take a good look at this image and then guess what it is. . . . . .

The past few weeks my spouse and I have been cleaning out his 2 story garage - the upper level has been an easy place to stash leftover stuff  for the past 20 years or so.  I didn't know we had accumulated so much  stuff -  some very usable items which we no longer have a need for.  My daughter encouraged us  to take it to a "flea market" this weekend - she did the arranging and setting - we came after breakfast just to see how it was going.

Now I haven't been to a flea market for years and this was a very  large one - there was more than 200 tables set up and you wouldn't believe the variety of "stuff" for sale!   Just what we needed - more stuff!  I had no intentions of purchasing anything, but on a table close to ours stood this item that intrigued me.  It was a beautiful basket  -  24" longx15 wide - the width is kind of oval shaped and there was an adjustable  carrying strap toward the top!  I couldn't conceive what it was for or if it held anything.  The basket itself was unusual, but lovely  - and the price was only $5.  When I lifted it I knew there was something inside, so I opened it and there was a full bottle of champagne inside - the owner told me  there was something on the other side also - and  under the blue lid there was 2 delicate  champagne glasses - this was  a  party  waiting to happen!  What an unusual day and what an unusual find - add a few napkins and some cheese . . . -  I bought it!  It will  make a lovely gift for someone!                                             

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