Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Livin' life on the flip side of 50 isn't for sissies - once you are there however, you should have had enough experiences to handle each day as it unfolds.  One truth remains - life on the flip side of 50 is like a roll of toilet paper - the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes!  I think I've posted that truth once before - I never believed time could go so fast.  Summers as a kid were loooong - and waiting on Christmas (it is my birthday also) seemed like forever.  Now I just about get Christmas back in the closet and it's time to get it back out again! 

I'm  not complaining - I realize time is flying only  because I'm not as fast as I used to be - we all experience this as our to do lists grow longer and longer with each year.  Being able to laugh about it tho makes it more acceptable - lets face it - there's nothing we can do about it - there's still 24 hours in everyone's day and 60 minutes in every hour - it's how we respond to each  moment that really matters, not how long or short it is!

I have a great husband, but he dwells on the past - he relates every thing that happens presently to the past!  Nothing is really new or exciting to him, inspiring to him, uplifting to him - it's never as good as the past!  He asks where I get all the energy - we eat the same foods, are together much of the time, watch the same TV programs,  but we have very different outlooks, views and reflections.  He has a good heart but his opinions about the now are always negative because  nothing compares to the past.  And when he talks about events that took place years ago, I find his memory and my memory are not the same!  He has this rosy picture in his mind of the past and  I remember mostly the negative stuff, the pain and the hurtful things. 

We've just had our 58th wedding anniversary July 7 and the day after, my youngest daughter (who is 49) said: how did you two  ever get together - you are both so different in character.  My reply was:  I guess opposites attract!  I saw in him what I was desiring and he saw in me what he was desiring and together we feel complete.  Life isn't always rosy but it isn't always negative either - but it is what it is and how we view it and store it in our memory box is all important to us on the flip side of 50!

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