Monday, September 3, 2012

It worked - it only took a minute to click on my bookmark!  Sometimes I wonder about myself???  Today is Labor Day in the USA and in our area, we're getting the remnants if hurricane Isaac and it is very humid outdoors.  It's supposed to be an extra day of rest, but I'll bet there's not many of us who are resting!  I know the doctors are - there offices are closed (Saturday, Sunday and Labor day).  I know because I tried to find one in!

I've been dealing with a blocked ear for the past 4 days which is kind of uncomfortable.  So I purchased  some OTC wax removal which are drops to loosen up an ear blockage - flushed it with warm water like it said to do afterward and  only added to the problem!  I was thinking that now I had something like "swimmers ear" on top of the blockage, and I didn't even get my toes wet!  So, that evening I made the old standby mixture for swimmers ear -  half and half of white vinegar and ispropyl alcohol to dry up the water in my ear.  I guess that worked for the water - it did drain some yesterday but this morning when I awoke it was totally blocked again so  I used the OTC wax remover again but without the warm water flush afterward.  Nothing has happened yet and if it's still blocked in the morning, the doctors will be back in business!

Surprisingly, I slept well last evening and awoke with lots of energy so I did some cleaning and scrubbing hoping the bending activity would open the ear.  The house is clean but the ear is the same.  How bothersome!  Guess I'll have to busy myself in some other way to take my mind off of it ! 
Til next time -
the kardlady

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