Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things I've learned on the flip side of 50!

 "The power that resides in man is new in nature and none but he knows what that is which he can do, nor does he know until he has tried."  -Emerson

 I'd always been a doer - when there was something  to be done - I did it!   A good quality - maybe -  but many times it got me into trouble -  like when I left others steer me blindly or my actions had self or  strings attached to them or  when I found I had to live with the consequences of my bad choice!            

One thing I've learned while "living on the flip side of 50" is that being a doer isn't  always successful! Success isn't  found  in achievements,  nor in your bank account,  or a college degree!  It may include these, but success is always and ever being true to yourself - to what you essentially are!  "Know thyself" is  basic - it's good advice but  it seems to take a long time!

I believe we are all offspring of the same energy that created the universe - we are made of the same energy stars are made  of - we're created to shine also!  That same energy that created us  continues to create through us if we don't get in its way!   We are to be co-creators with the universe!   When in doubt, look around you - better still,  look within you:  that same energy is beating your heart, turning food into energy and  growth,  your lungs turn air into oxygen and life, you  break a bone or cut your finger and it heals on its own!

Mentally,  what  we set our minds to, we do, and the possibilities are endless creativity!  Back in the 40's the street where I now live was a dirt road now it's a bustling state  road on the way to the malls.  The land my home stands on was a huge corn field, part of a large farm!   When I was a kid we had fans, not air conditioning, fly swatters not bug zappers,  party-line telephones, and no electric refrigerators - the ice man came twice a week with a horse and buggy carrying large blocks of ice with a huge tongs and placed it in the ice  compartment  in our ice box  - I emptied the pan under the ice box  for my mom every morning and when I forgot there was a water on the floor for me to clean up because the pan ran over!  I was in Cottage Crafters yesterday which is an antique and craft mall where I have my greeting cards and someone was wheeling in an old wringer washing machine for display, it was just like my mom had back in the 50's.  I heard the young clerk behind the counter say "what's that"? Creative technology abounds - but not until you're livin' on the flip side of 50 do you  realize the leap that was made!  We direct that energy !

For one to intentionally co-create something,  you first take hold of an idea, make a plan to support it and  invest yourself in it,  gathering whatever is required for the job,  and your intentions will become reality (we tend to get impatient wanting results yesterday)!  Actually we  can overcome any challenge if we have good intentions - you will  have good intentions when you know what you truly are, and that  your co-creative attitudes and actions  will produce results and make your dreams come true!

There is a shift in energy when you move from waiting on something to happen, to yielding  yourself to that something - you become enthusiastic - a term which means "in-God" , in alignment with  what you are!  Your intentions impact how you think and behave.  A lack of energy is experienced when you forget what you essentially are - co-creative.  Your intentions release the power of being because  you are being true to your co-creative nature -  co-operating  with the unconditional creative energies of the universe within, and that's Success with a capital S!

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