Friday, May 25, 2012


Has anyone ever asked you what "heaven" is to you?  I've been working endlessly trying to get my catalog images resized and I AM  making headway - but today I took a break  in the middle of it and made some cards - and then back to the computer again.  It seems I spend most of my days anymore in this same place.

Today I got a brainstorm -  I've been trying to lose those 15 ugly pounds the past 4 weeks that  I've gained over the past few months and guess what  -  I found my heaven!  In the middle of my busy day I stopped working in the middle of my diet and went to my "chocolate stash" and got me a block of Lady Godiva dark chocolate and it was heaven!  I just have to shout it to the world - I found heaven in a piece of Godiva chocolate!

Have you found yours?  How about sharing it with us!
the kardlady

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