Sunday, April 15, 2012

It pays to be persistent sometimes!

Two years ago I had cataract surgery on my left eye which made my vision in that eye worse than it was before the operation.  The surgeon had told me prior to the surgery that I had "wrinkles" on my cornea and there was a 50%  chance that the operation could make them worse and the only solution then would be a corneal transplant!    I thought long and hard about my decision  but tried to look at the 50% chance my vision would improve - but it didn't - actually it was worse afterward!

After two years back and forth to the surgeon and opthamologist,  I went to another opthamologist who gave me a thorough eye examination  and sent me to an optometrist to see if he could help my vision some with lenses.  With the present prescription given after the surgery, I could barely see the top line on the chart, but with a special contact lens inserted along with  a new prescription in my glasses,  there is a remarkable difference!   I can see better now with the left eye  than with the right eye which still has a cataract which will not be removed anytime soon,  because that cornea  has wrinkles on it also!

I'm finishing up the first week  of  dealing with the  contact lens in my left eye!  Putting it in is a simple enough thing, but removing it isn't!  I return to the optometrist  on Tuesday and he'll take another reading for that eye and  proceed to make the new lens for my glasses and I'll be able to see even better than today.

It sure paid off being  persistent!  I would probably have just let it go if I didn't use my eyes for  the precise cutting  of fabric for my cards.  The lens was kind of expensive and will have to be replaced every 6 months - but I'm finding that even after I remove it, my sight is better - I think it is smoothing out the wrinkles somewhat!

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