Tuesday, April 3, 2012

This week it's all about chocolate candy!

I did get to make marshmallow squares yesterday  with home made marshmallow and they turned out great!  I coated them with melted Giardelli dark chocolate to which I added coconut which was processed to make it finer.  The dish below is one of each of the  2 dozen marshmallow squares, 3 dozen peanut butter eggs, 3 dozen coconut eggs, and 3 dozen peanut roll eggs (with a fondant center) we made to share this year.

We don't do Easter baskets anymore - the youngest member of the family is now 15 years old, but we all love chocolate and chocolate covered marshmallows are my very favorite!  I usually buy prepared marshmallows in Easter shapes or puffs and then coat them with the best chocolate I can find, but this year I wanted to try making my own.

A few years ago when we traveled to Florida, I found a "lolla-paloozer" in chocolate shop.  It was 3 marshmallow puffs on a wooden candy apple stick, dunked into melted caramel then rolled in chopped pecans and  drizzled with melted chocolate - that was the BEST marshmallow treat ever!  So for Easter that year, it was my new addition to our candy making efforts - I made 24 of them and they loved them  - and I'm sure they will welcome the  marshmallow squares also.  Wish I could share a piece with you!

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