Monday, March 12, 2012

Livin' on the flip side of 50


 The old cliche - "life begins at 40"  is only a half-truth - it leads one to believe that beginning at age 40  life is going to be one big hurrah.  The whole truth is -  40  is the youth of maturity - it's the age  of self discovery - a time when  you  find you have more questions than answers.    Awakening to these questions may  begin with the loss of a loved one or a health issue, or some traumatic experience, but you will become a seeker for  your serious questions and answers about life -  like "is this all there is!"

For me it was the death of a close friend when I was 41.  That experience raised so many questions -  my quest: "is this all there is to life?"  I  was living on the flip side of 50 for five years or so  -  when through self discovery I realized how resistant to life I really  was - not only resistant but fearful and negative!  We have to know ourselves to know  what we really desire, before we can begin to create the kind of world  we want to live in.

It wasn't so long ago that I gathered enough evidence to know and  believe that there IS more to life than meets the eye!  Seeing isn't believing like I had always thought!  I had  always had a difficult  time with what I saw in life, with believing it and living with it!  I always thought appearances were reality!  But the world of reality I am living in is really inside me,  unseen by others.  It's a reality I created for myself through my chosen and  inherited beliefs and thoughts.   Each of us has a reality  - it's our own individual world we live in and from and make choices for and take actions toward - it's not outside us! 

 More on this later!

the kardlady

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