Sunday, March 18, 2012

"Behind all seen things lies something vaster; everything is but a path, a portal, a window opening on something more than itself" - A.deSaint

There's something powerful about thinking that all begins in the unseen realm of spirit  - ideas, inventions, visions, dreams, desires, technology, faith, hope, love -  even you and me!   It's exciting news because in the unseen realm are infinite possibilities!

For many, "not knowing" is scarey - it makes them feel  fearful.  "Not knowing" for them means  "there's places beyond my control".  It's especially frightening for someone who's had a challenging  life.  Fear however, can be a portal to a very rewarding life!

 What if you chose to look your fear squarely in the eye instead of judging it or trying to escape it or bypass it?  What if you chose to acknowledge this fearful  unseen and unknown energy as spirit.   In that very moment you would understand that fear is a spiritual lack of  love and understanding and love and understanding  are actually seeking your awareness  and desiring your attention.  The same is true of peace - it actually rests within you waiting on your awareness!  And  joy too  awaits your awareness  to please you.   And abundance awaits your awareness and acceptance - your yes" to its ever presence and availability so it can shower you with blessings in every moment.

Spirit, like energy, is something unseen, but there is no reason to doubt or fear what is not visible to the eye.  When it comes to energy, you just have to look at the results with your physical eyes after plugging in to an outlet.   When it comes to spirit, it's  the same - you just have to look at the results with your spiritual awareness.   You are not what appears - you are an inner observer, a witness to all,  and your awareness opens a whole new world of unseen spiritual  energy which is known by  its results once plugged into with awareness!  When you do, infinite possibilities are available to you - choices you never before realized!

to be continued...

the kardlady

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