Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Excuse my absence!

I apologize for my absence - the past few weeks I've been renewing my home page and catalog pages at www.kalicokards.com and let me tell you  it is a BIG job!  After 3 weeks  I'm still resizing the images I overlooked the first time, but the major work  is behind me, so I decided to take a break and blog today.

 February is usually a time for renewal, removing the old and creating new Kalico Kards  - I get very creative after the holidays.  This year my creativity has  gone off in a different direction than usual - I can't give up the crocheting (as a matter of fact I just found the special yarn I've been looking for online for the past few months - it's called " ladder ribbon yarn" and I'm deciding what colors to order for my next crochet projects!  My daughter gave me a scarf purchased at a craft fair and I love it, but didn't know what it was created of.  Finally I found it here - I even found the pattern for knitting it on the same site!) 

Getting back to my "different direction" I've gone off in - I found this beautiful shrug-like sweater during the holidays while shopping.  It wasn't my size nor my price but  I visited it many times before someone purchased it and got  a good idea as to crochet one for myself!  It meant combining  2 patterns into one - and it's been trial and error all the way, but I've been persistent and I finally finished it last evening  after restarting 4 different times.

It turned out well.  I will have to take a picture wearing it so I can post it for you.  Now if only I were finished with those images I could begin creating cards - and maybe order that ladder ribbon yarn for later.  I'm hoping til next week, I will be back to my normal schedule however!

the kardlady

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