Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The groundhog was wrong again!

Well - the groundhog was wrong again -  Spring HAS sprung!  I laughed when I read  our local newspaper report that the present Punxatawny Phil  is going to be replaced  because his predictions  have been wrong more than they've been right!  Who ever heard of a groundhog predicting weather -   and if a groundhog could, what would be true of one groundhog would be true of another and  there was a groundhog just 50 feet away from our back door the day before Groundhog Day and he's still out each day  munching dried grass in the meadow below us.

We've been having a  very mild winter locally in Southeast PA!  I can't remember when it's been anywhere  near 60 degrees in February - and  I do remember recent years when February  temperatures were well below zero!   Just last year we had a 14" snowfall in February and lots of freezing rain also - - - but then  Buffalo, N.Y. would think 14" of snow is very little!

Those of you who live in the southern hemisphere have little concern about colder weather,  but here in PA and other northeastern states, when the  Christmas season is over, we're looking for sunshine and signs of Spring!   It's probably why there is a Groundhog Day - to have some hope that it soon will be over for another year! .

One thing I'm happy  about is the coming  of daylight saving time on March 11,  instead of April. It even arrives before the first day of Spring!   We really don't save any time by turning our clocks ahead one hour -  we  exchange one hour of  the morning light  for one hour of the evening light to make the day seem longer!

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