Thursday, February 9, 2012

For your information. . . .

For the past few  months I've been  contemplating giving up my  Kalico Kards  website and had even begun  diminishing my online catalog on paper and deleted some of the products and  pages.  While I was busy changing things around preparing for closing,  a friend asked if I had ever considered a shop on Etsy!  I gave it some thought and  decided  to give it a try! I had heard Etsy has a good reputation for their marketing and are well known for their handmade shops.  After six years of trying to promote my own website,  placing links in every directory I could and on malls and websites that seemed to have like keywords,  I was eager to be associated with something that was successful - maybe it would rub off on me!

I  no sooner started switching products from my own website to  my new shop on Etsy  when I noticed a change in the winds - they seemed to be blowing my way!   Spending time regularly on my  website  going back and forth from Etsy to Kalico Kards created some kind of magic energy which was like a magnet pulling people to my website with requests for links, for wholesale accounts, to set up accounts, as well as for cards - even my email box was  full!
The change in the winds stirred a change of heart in me and I cancelled my previous plans to close the website and  began  rearranging items, correcting errors, adding new products, tweeking  descriptions, resizing images,  adding different keywords and changing the info and the appearance of  my home page as well as promoting both and .  It's twice the work  but it's always worth the effort when the winds are blowing your way!

the kardlady

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