Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A honey of a card!

I love shopping for fabric - it has to be my favorite thing to do aside from creating a new Kalico Kard!  I'm always looking for the "spectacular", the "unusual", the one that speaks to me telling me what it wants to become! 

Often I find  a fabric that lends itself to a particular message I've wanted to use, like the one on the left.  This fabric had beehive written all over it -  I could almost hear the bees buzzing round it.  That was only the beginning of a Kalico Kard idea however - when its message popped into my mind,  that was the clincher:  "Wishing you a honey of a birthday"!  I get excited when that  happens - I can't wait to start turning it into a Kalico Kard, and  get it into  the card rack at a craft show, soto hear a customer giggle or comment on it!  This confirms to me that  the spirit in others  is connected with the spirit in me!

I think that's what our creativity  is for - connecting!  I don't believe any of us paint, knit, quilt, crochet, craft jewelry, create greeting cards, write poetry or stories, etc.,  just for ourselves - it's about sharing a part of myself with another - connecting spirit to spirit.  Some of us are fortunate enough to be doing  what we love and making a few dollars doing it but that is only a small portion of the benefits experienced and received!

Life is about love, which means relationships and connecting.  Love is something we all need and desire,  and creativity is for sharing that love and connecting.  For it's  in sharing it with others that we experience it ourselves.  So when a piece of fabric jumps off the shelf into my arms at a fabric shop, it is the beginning of a another love connection!

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