Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Life before the computer.......

I may have posted the box on the left before - but it's worth posting  again!

 Recently I had decided  to give up my website at  www.kalicokards.com because it is not carrying itself and is requiring a lot time!  After much soul searching and seeking to find another way,  I went to go.daddy.com  who was my original host when I opened the Kalico Kards website.  I was greeted there  by a technician who  listened to my  complaints and reasons for wanting to close the website.   He took  time to ask questions about my sites stats and  was very thorough before  he  made a few suggestion on how to proceed - giving up the site was not one of them! My  website stats revealed that it was serving me well except in one area!   He suggested a few ways for me to deal with it and none of them had any strings attached to his making a sale!

And so I will still be doing business as Kalico Kards online and in addition will add an Etsy store to my task list!    It didn't take me long to change my direction and take on some new challenges.  Wish me luck!

the kardlady

PS Thanks Pam for your encouragement and support - you are a friend indeed!

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