Thursday, January 19, 2012

Groundhog Day is a legitimate celebration on February 2 in  Pennsylvania.  Would you believe many Pennsylvanians believe  a groundhog can predict the weather?  The groundhog -  Punxatawny Phil as he is called - dwells in a hole in Punxatawny, PA   Each year on February 2, a bunch of  grown men put on their top hats and tails gather round the hole and try to coax Phil to come out - probably with a treat of some kind!  If Phil sees his shadow, he retreats back into the  hole and folklore has it - we are going to have 6 more weeks of winter weather,  otherwise Spring is the forecast!

When I found this printed groundhog fabric a few years ago, I knew that locally it would make a popular Kalico Kard.  Its message inside: "Any day above ground is a good day!"  I hurriedly  created about 30 -  the first 6 went to our senior pastor because I know him to be  a devout Pennsylvania Dutchman who would enjoy them.  The rest of the fabric however was lost - it fell to the bottom of a fabric  storage box and was only recently discovered -  and again it has become a popular card locally.  If you are interested in purchasing it you will find it on my website here:

In Punxatawny, the ground is covered with snow presently - and locally snow is predicted for tonight.  In 2 weeks, it will be colder still around here,  and even colder in Punxatawny!   I don't know about groundhogs, but I'm tired of this cold weather already,  so along with those grown men in their top hats and tails, I  will be waiting to hear Phils prediction - and if Spring is just around the corner I'll  want to believe a groundhog can predict the weather, but if the prediction is 6 more weeks of winter weather,  like many others I'll be saying "what does a groundhog know about the weather?"

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