Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Shop til you drop!

This past weekend I set up at my final craft show for the season.  I'd been wanting to take a digital photo to display online of the tree holding some of my popular  pocketbook gift card holders - I  finally I remembered to take the camera.  The image is on the left.  It's not a very clear image however (help!!) - my card display racks are on either side of the tree

I received the tree as a gift from a friend a few years ago - a metal rod that stands about 3 feet with a spiral of wire with circles of wire for displaying cards but I hung the ribbon handles of the "pocketbooks" on them instead.  Beforehand, I entwined colored twinkle lights around the wire - and the display attracted many buyers.  There's  a pocket inside that will hold money or a gift card and I can hand print one of a variety of messages  like "Shop til you drop" or "Whoever said money can't buy happiness doesn't know where to shop!", etc., along with their name!  The pocketbooks were created with  colored card stock coordinated  fabric and ribbon and embellished with glitter and buttons or trinkets and each folds down to fit  into a 4 3/4"x6" envelope.
There's also handmade  wallets for the guys in your life - the outside is  faux suede leather which is top stitched onto card stock  and a  message of your choice can be printed inside - like  "A little $omething just for you". You can view a larger image  of these gift card holders or purchase here!

There's a lot out there for giving at Christmastime - but for those who have everything or are hard to buy for, a gift card in a unique holder fills the bill!

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