Monday, December 12, 2011


 This years economy has been rough on the budget of average  income families - I could tell by my card sales - not  many were able to send out as many greeting cards as they usually do for the holidays. 

I don't know about you , but without coupons  this holiday season would have been a blitz!  Since before Thanksgiving I've been using the coupons available  from mailings, magazines and newspaper ads for all my Christmas shopping and I have probably saved a few hundred dollors doing it!. . . .  20% off your total purchase here,. . .50% off one regular priced item there. . . even $10 off your purchase of any sale or regular price item . . . I've used them weekly and gradually did all my shopping.  There's only a few things I didn't find coupons for -  so  I changed  what I planned to give.  I am  pleased with all  my  purchases this year  and I think I'm giving bigger gifts than usual because of  them!  

I am the kind of person who loves to hand make her Christmas gifts , decorations, and all the trimmings.  I love doing it but sometimes there just isn't enough time for all of it.   I'd love for you to  share  here  the ways you've found practical to  celebrate the holidays without breaking your budget?  Add them to the comments box below and they may inspire others!

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