Monday, November 28, 2011


"Second Act" is a series of articles about different individuals who are living their dream after retiring!  After being contacted for an interview by Milton Carrero of The Morning Call, Allentown, Pa. the article was printed in the weekend newspaper under the title:  "Creating her own greeting card line"  - it included a picture of me with a few Kalico Kards.  I've given a brief overview of  the article  here because it was lengthy: 

-When a painful back condition forced her to retire early,  Dianne feared for her future -  "I thought the better part of my life was  behind me - but that wasn't  so"!   She works at what she loves up to 10 to 12 hours daily designing and creating the greeting cards she then markets at local craft fairs, a few local shops  and online retail and wholesale (the website can be seen here: .

 An early retirement made Dianne seek within herself for resources and talents she didn't know she had and since she's always loved fabrics  creating her own greeting cards using fabric for the designs was just what she needed to feel productive again.  She's created more than 400 different designs in the 20 years she's been making Kalico Kards  and  carries more than 250 different ones in 20 categories to her shows and has sold as many as a thousand cards at one showing.

It's not  the profit that drives Dianne - her cards have been the same price for more than 10 years -   she says "I'll never become rich financially, but emotionally and mentally I've been blessed.  Once her greeting cards caught on she realized a healing work was being accomplished  within.  "You can't print an encouraging message into 50 or more cards without having it affect your psyche!  I feel good about doing something that is acceptable to so many people -  Kalico Kards are an  extension of myself!"

From shopping for  fabrics to  the witty messages inside that go with the fabric designs, every part of her creations have one intention - to make others feel loved and accepted also!  Dianne enjoys the challenge of special orders - her experiences are encouragement to continue with what she loves doing!  In 2010 she had back surgery which ended her pain and she says she now has a new lease on life and feels more enthusiastic about the years ahead.  "I will probably die with a scissor in one hand and a Kalico Kard in the other"!

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