Sunday, November 13, 2011

She who laughs - lasts!

When I was younger and had lots of responsibilities, I took life  too seriously.  Livin' life now on the flip side of 50 , to me means  giving it  the opposite response!  So the first thing I look for in the Readers Digest is the joke pages , and the funnier  the better!    A cousin of mine is a constant source of  humor each day -in his emails -  he makes my day!  Life is a little sweeter  after a good laugh!

There's  a little  market near our home which my husband and I visit regularly.  He heads straight for the stand that sells these funny  little plaques that are all about life, and we laugh together.  Now everyone who knows my husband knows he is a very opinionated person - goodhearted but opinionated!  So  without his knowing it,  I purchased  one of  the plaques he laughed at that read: "The opinions expressed by the husband in this house are not  necessarily those of the Management" !  I hung it  on the wall near our breakfast table at a very  conspicuous spot.   This morning when I walked into the room  I found the plaque turned around  with the reading facing the wall.   His comment when I mentioned it :  I AM management !  Now you know as well as I do that if your husband is "management"  it's because  you the wife, allow him to be!

My favorite plaque is  this one:  "I'm on a thirty day diet - and so far I've lost 10 days!"  They say laughter is good for the soul - so keep on laughing! - find a little humor in life and you'll last  longer!

the kardlady


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