Friday, November 11, 2011

Can you remember what life was like before the computer?  I've almost forgotten!   I know I always loved creating things with fabric  and I enjoyed reading and watching a good movie on TV.  We have a big swing on our porch and I  enjoyed  sitting and swinging and dreaming.  Don't get much time for such things anymore.  I  rarely take time for the few friends I have , for going out to lunch or a movie,  or window shopping!  What has this piece of equipment  done to me?

Perhaps this is why the days are flying by:  there's so many emails to answer and send , links to connect , marketing , blogging and  updating my card catalog online, loading new cards, removing old ones,  dealing with lost programs and  picture  files,  trying to get my scanner to work , etc. etc. etc.  No wonder  the day is gone before it begins.  I rush through dinner just to flop in my favorite chair exhausted mentally , and I'm ready for bed before  the sun  even sets !    Luckily I'm sleeping well these days.    Sometimes livin' life on the flip side of 50  isn't what we 'd like to be doing - but consider the alternative!  
the kardlady

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