Monday, November 7, 2011

Hang in there!

It's been a few days since my last post  because I have felt swamped!   We lost our power for 4 days last week due to a snowstorm that weighted down tree branches with leaves still on them which snapped and tore down power lines in the northeast!  When the power came back on it was catch-up again along with preparing for a craft show on Saturday.  That was added to the backup of work I'm accumulating because my scanner still isn't working!

The card at the left is encouragement from me to me! (The message begins on the outside) "Hang in there" - (inside) -  "Don't let your ball of yarn unravel!" I need all the encouragement I can get about now!   Would you believe  I am still trying to solve the scanner problem!   My computer  still doesn't recognize the scanner!  What can I do to get it to recognize it?  It was fine 4 weeks ago?   I've deleted the Precision Scan program so many times and reinstalled it along with drivers and driver updates, the Precision Scan CD that came with the scanner, etc.  and I am still  no further than I was 3 weeks ago!

One good thing came out of all my searching - I found card images in a folder I would never have looked in, which were lost for more than 2 years!   I thought they were gone forever!  I immediately put a link to them on my desktop so I  wouldn't lose them again!  I recently  contacted  Microsoft with my problem since HP couldn't help me - they told me I should consider  purchasing  a new scanner (that was brilliant)!    I was wondering however if maybe it is in need of some repair?  How would I know  if the scanner needs repair or if the program isn't installed correctly?  If you have an answer for me , please forward it right away!   I would appreciate any light you can shed on my scanner problem!

The Kalico Kard above is my own design - created a while back to fit its message!  Encouragement cards are in demand right now and you'll find  many in the Kalico Kard catalog!

The kardlady

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