Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Guess what!

I bought a new scanner!  Got tired of dealing with the other one  for 4 weeks !   I couldn't believe you can get a scanner, printer, and copier fin one machine for the same price paid for a scanner alone ! I've already connected  it and everything  works fine.  

I was anxious to see if the new one scanned my cards with more definition than the old one - but I don't see much difference!   I' m not a photographer and I'm not a computer guru,  but I do have a longing for better images  online than I can create!   Is there some secret to  it that only a few know?  I've been on others' websites and their images are so clear and defined ?  If you know the answer please forward it  to me!   

 I was interviewed today  by someone from our local newspaper  who  is writing an article  on  individuals  living their dream on the flip side of 50  - how they broke away from their  usual routine to follow their  hearts desires.   It was a pleasant hour of  remembering and sharing  my love for creating  Kalico Kards!  It 's good to know and affirm where you receive your energy, enthusiasm and inspiration  from and where it is taking you!  It kind of makes all the frustrations seem worthwhile!

the kardlady

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