Monday, October 10, 2011

The woodpecker story

On the flip side of 50,  our family  moved to the outskirts of the city, into a small cottage type home.  Because there's a 3 acre piece of ground next to us and  a creek flowing behind us, we live with many different forms of wildlife -  which  can be frustrating for a city girl -  when the deer eat your prized hostas and the raccoons turn  your porch garden into a shamble!.  We also had many other things happen that made us smile  -  like when a wren built her nest in my husbands sneakers  hanging on the wash line  to dry!

We have a large black walnut tree in our yard and every  year hundreds of walnuts  drop from the tree - which make it tough to cut the  grass!. You would think the squirrels would clean them up faster than they drop - but ne squirrel rules the yard - and  that squirrel does not pick the walnuts up while they are on the ground, he waits til we pick them up, then empties  the container we put them in one at a time and proceeds  to bury them all over our yard!  We know that for a fact because the following year they sprout  and we have little walnut trees to pull up before they become a  bigger problem!!  My idea was to cut down the walnut tree and be rid of both the walnuts and the !squirrels!

Then there was the time a huge box turtle  laid her eggs in my vegetable patch!  There's this huge area for her to choose from and she chooses my red beet patch!!  Turtles  usually lay their eggs in a  place where their young can get to water easily!    That was the last year I planted a vegetable garden!!

A few years ago we had a noisy  woodpecker visit us daily  for about a month - he  tapped on the aluminum siding that covers our home with a  rat-a-tat-tat  just long enough to wake us, early in the morning!    I don't know what he was drilling  for,  maybe  he was just sharpening  his bill, but he was relentless!  So I created  the card above in his honor (click here to purchase or view a larger image).  On the front- "Birthdays and woodpeckers..."(inside)" they're relentless!" 

the kardlady

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