Friday, October 7, 2011

Children are like kites. . . . .

Livin' life on the flip side of 50 yields a lot of hindsight -  because there's more experiences behind you  than there are ahead of you!  Many of my handmade cards relate to my experiences past and present!   The card on the left  has been online a few years (click here to purchase or view a larger image) as well as on display at local craft shows, but few have found this little treasure.  Recently one of those few asked to have it turned into a  poster  for her son's dorm room at college and that brought to mind many good and some sad memories !

 The message inside the card is handprinted in the shape of a large kite- and  reads:
"A child is like a kite - you spend countless years trying to get them off the ground, running til you're breathless - they fall, you pick them up-patch them- and try again.  Then one day they soar, alive and free - off into the blue and you're left holding a ball of string and some wonderful memories."

I hadn't  realized that each Kalico Kard has a  story to tell!  The card above is only  half the story of our youngest daughter!  We picked her up more than once and  patched her, trying with no luck, to find a better way to get her off the ground!  A few weeks after high school graduation she made the choice to find her own way in life, and we chose to let her,  because she thought she knew better. 

That was more than 25 years ago!  Recently she's come home to stay - so she says!  A little broken and a little wiser from living on her own, she is still in need of her family's help in getting off the ground again - and once a parent, always a parent!    After 50, it doesn't take much for one to become breathless - but we're  certainly glad we chose not to discard  that ball of string! 

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