Monday, October 17, 2011

When I was a kid our dad brought home one or two dozen chick eggs  each year  to hatch and raise. It wasn't uncommon then  to have a  garden and some  chickens,  turkeys, or rabbits if you had a big enough yard for the pens!   It was fun for my brother, sister and me and it was a good learning experience too - especially when we found out later why the chickens kept disappearing one by one - our family was  having them for Sunday dinners!

 I've always had a kind of soft spot in my heart for chickens because of how cute and cuddly they are as babies. It's surprising how many card buyers love chickens also - it's become a classic Kalico Kard to stock.   The rooster on this Birthday card  reminds me of the fearsome rooster back then.  The message inside the card  is:  "Today you've got something to crow about, sun up to sunset!" -   click here to purchase or view a larger image of the card!  It can also be personalized for you  with his/her name on the card's front.

My daughter has a fondness for chickens also - she  teaches second grade in a Christian School and each  year she brings a half dozen eggs into the classroom  and sets up an  incubator for the hatch - the children get all excited waiting for the day - it's a good learning experience for them to watch them grown! A fter they've outgrown their home in the classroom pen,  she takes them to a local farm.

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