Thursday, October 20, 2011

I recently visited an acquaintance and was introduced as an artist to her friend.   I'm a little shy when people call me an artist because to me, the word  denotes someone who has  accomplished  their talent and is a Pro!  I have taken a few lessons in decorative painting which I love but I'm still timid when  it comes to using  my talent!   Now when it comes to fabric - that's another story -  I feel like an artisan when using fabric - I use it as an artist would a paintbrush!   I've already put fabric on a wall using a beautiful strawberry and blueberry fabric border I cut -  and using liquid starch placed it where I wanted.  The nice thing about it is - when the fabric gets a little dirty, you can remove it, wash it by hand, dry it and press it and place it back on the wall again using liquid starch.  (you dunk the pieces into the starch and run it between your fingers to remove the excess!

The Kalico Kard on the left  was one of  two Kalico Kards  I've  handpainted.  These cards take exceptional time to create because each one is done individually!   The hood of the umbrella is a sheer white sparkly  fabric, hand cut and  glued onto card stock and the handle of the umbrella is decoratively painted with burgundy roses and green leaves created with a marker.  After I decided to add this card to my stock it became  a classic Kalico Kard for a bridal shower (please  Click here to purchase or to  view a larger image of this card).  The other card I  handpainted has become a  special keepsake card - it's been posted on the right side of this page since my blog began and can be previewed or purchased by clicking here.  (a   Kalico Keepsake is a framed Kalico Kard - frames and mats to be viewed or purchased  here - all frames and mats were chosen especially to accent the fabric design colors in Kalico Kards) . 

Because of  the  popularity of my hand painted roses cards, I  added the gift package on the left to my website which includes a wooden tray handpainted with burgundy roses.  This too has become a favorite and can be purchased or viewed with items listed and details included  here.  Customized gift packages are also available for any occasion! A customer prompted my changing the roses to fabric grapes around the border of the white wooden tray and in the center,  a special message in gold was hand printed  along with his name and his title for a  gift package she was very well pleased with!  (please note that because of Pennsylvania law,  the wine could not be included in the package so the customer added it to the gift  package when she received it.

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