Monday, October 24, 2011

Angels are among us. . .

Angels are a big part of our present day reality!  Every little girl loves angels and if the sale of  angel greeting cards  is any indication,  big girls love angels also!  You can  always find an angel card at Kalico Kards - it's a classic design!  Angels on fabric are not easy to find, so many of the angel designs  are my own creation. 

The card on the left  is a  Kalico Kard Keepsake charm card  (click here to purchase or view a larger image and details).  This is an  original design of an angel  on a cloud, reaching high to  hang out  a brass charm hanging from a gold thread -  above it is printed "...Congratulations..."   The  message inside: "An angel  will hang out a special star tonight in your honor!"   The greeting on this card or any other Kalico Kard   can be changed to "Happy Birthday", "Thank You", "So Proud of You",  "Great Job!" or  a  greeting of your choice -   It's what I call  customizing a card.  There is no charge for customizing-  any greeting or message inside a Kalico Kard  is interchangeable with another, at your request!  Personalizing a card - adding the recipients name to your card choice - is encouraged (see the option below the card),  it is  handprinted for you at no extra charge using the same color and font as the greeting!

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