Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I'm sure some you  out there must have felt this way at  one time or another - I thought this was a very appropriate image to post  because  this is exactly how I feel today!

 For some unknown reason (to me) , my computer does not recognize my scanner which I use all the time and which  has been working, no problem, since my pc crashed in the late spring!  I am so frustrated I'd like to take a hammer or something to it!

I spent the better part of yesterday, and most of today trying to find the answer.  I had lots of suggestions, but none of them worked!  If you have one I've not tried, I'd be pleased as punch  to hear from you!  I did uninstall the  program and reinstalled it as HP told me to, as well as downloading  a driver again, and it still isn't working!  Without the scanner I feel dysfunctional!  I scan cards for the blog and my website all the time.  This happened once before and all I can remember is - something I tried,  worked!  So I'm just going to keep trying until I find what works!

the kardlady

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