Thursday, October 27, 2011

Only 54 shopping days left til Christmas

I can't believe there's only 61 days left in 2011!  This year  has been all  about catching-up for me!  I never dreamed  that  having back surgery a year ago would make such a difference in my life (on October 18th it was one year since  I had 3 vertebrae fused together and a metal rod inserted along my spine)!  My recovery the past year  was well worth it however  -  I  haven't taken  pain medication since January!

I finally finished my Christmas stock  - the card on the left was the last one (click here to view details and a larger image or to purchase).  It has an embossed background of holly and berries which was done with that new Big Shot "toy" I spoke of  about a month ago!   The embossing  is better seen in the  larger view of the card. It's hard to believe the Christmas craft shows are upon us -   I have 3  to do locally and then this year will be history!

the kardlady

PS - I haven't made any headway on the scanner problem I spoke of in my last post,  but I haven't given up!

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