Saturday, October 1, 2011

Count on one hundred!

The following article was in a devotion book I recently  read -   I thought  it worthy of posting.  It begins with a quote by someone who  had a 1/2 hour exercising program on TV 40 years ago - Jack LaLanne.  The quote is : "Exercise is king, diet is queen.  Put them together and you have a kingdom."  The article is by James Rouse, a naturopathic physician.  It begins:

"I fully believe that I will realize my burning desire to live very well, well beyond my one-hundredth birthday!  Are you up for that?  Picture that experience for yourself and feel its vitality and power.  Greater peace and creative energy can be harnessed by knowing that your longevity is greatly enhanced as much by broccoli and jumping jacks as it is by showing up heart first and giving and living large."  He goes on to say  "centenarians eat right and light and the cultures that boast the most centenarians are the ones that love a plant-based diet, getting ample complex carbs, proteins, and fats from their veggies and fruits.  Legumes, nuts, seeds, and whole grains power the body and mind for the long run and help prevent diseases while adding energy for a full lifestyle."  We're told  to exercise only on the days we eat to burn calories, sweat our prayers and move with grace and gratitude!  The word "retirement" doesn't exist in the traditional Okinawan language.  Those who live the longest have created a purpose for getting up in the morning. 

In conclusion, the more friends, love, laughter and community you have, the longer you will live!  Hug more, smile brighter, and serve with passion - live like you mean it!
That just might be another Kalico Kard!

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