Tuesday, September 6, 2011

"We're not ready for the cider barrel yet!"

One of my favorite Kalico Kards is the one on the left - the message inside: "Hang in there - we're not ready for the cider  barrel yet!"  Click here if you're interested in purchasing one for a birthday upcoming - or as a reminder!!

I'll bet everyone of us knows someone who is going sour - you know what I mean - it seems they're always decomposing -  like an apple that's  ready for the cider barrel!  They  talk about "getting old",  about how life is slipping away and they're tired of livin'!  Did you know that what we think and talk about and focus on,  has got us - and before we know it - we're up to our necks in the cider  barrel!

 Livin' life on the flip side of 50 takes courage - agin' ain't for sissies!  Givin' up is too easy!   When you have a mind for livin', there's no room in your mind for giving  up!  There's no time for it.  So hang in there friend - we're not ready for the cider barrel yet!

the kardlady

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