Thursday, September 8, 2011

"We still got it - it's just a matter of remembering where we put it!"

I've still got an item hanging in the back of my closet that I loved wearing,  it's a  little too young looking  for "someone my age",  but now and then I take it down and try  putting on  the courage to wear it again! 

This Kalico Kard at the left   (click here to purchase or view larger image)  reminds me of  the things I've  lost that  made me  feel young - like - Saturday night dancing,  in-vogue hair styles, a fashion makeover,  a slimmer body, etc. All it takes is a little confidence  to step up and be courage  for yourself!   Now  let me see.... where did I put it!

How old we are  in years does something to our minds!  Nature chooses the face we have at 16, lifestyle chooses  the face we have at 30, but we choose  the face we have on the flip side of 50!  Aging  may be the price we pay for maturity,  but it's a choice to be old! What if we counted our  friends and the blessings we  have, instead of the years and dig out our confidence again  and put  it on- " We still got it - it's just a matter of remembering where we've put it!"

the kardlady

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