Sunday, September 11, 2011

"At our age it's just putt...putt...putt!"

The Awkfest, held in Macungie, PA is a big event locally attended by many from all over the country.  It's  a "car show" plus, and every year  I have a vendors space there for marketing my handmade greeting cards

Being a child of "The 50's" I love the older cars - they're so distinctive and colorful!   As I watch them year after year  process onto the field for display , the energy of my youth rises in me!  First  the "oldies" enter- the cars of the 40's, 50's, etc.  and then the "grand-daddies" - the older models enter with their putt...putt...putt!  There's something about an "old flibber" that stirs the soul and takes you  back to a time in life  when everything moved at a much  slower pace - and the older the car the sweeter the feelings are!

The Kalico Kard above  (click here to view a larger image or purchase)  was a  popular seller  this year at the car show.  The  message inside it speaks to many of us baby boomers livin' on the flip side of 50: "At our age it's just putt...putt...putt!"!  We find a slower pace better,  even  a putt...putt...putt, as long as we  keep moving!  After 50 we realize  that" any day above ground is a good day"!
the kardlady

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