Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrate your little tail off!

Gray is not a  woman's  favorite hair color!  If you're anything like me, at the first sight of  few gray hairs, your next stop  was the drugstore to pick a color to cover it up!   The only problem with mine is - no matter what shade of brown I choose, my hair has a mind of its own - it wants to be red!

The little "gray hare" on the left  (click here to view a larger image or to purchase) is a long time Birthday card favorite with Kalico Kard customers.  It's message begins on the outside - "Don't let a little gray hare bother you... (inside) celebrate your little tail off!"  As I said in my last post -" every day above ground IS  a good day - especially our birth days!
 Have you ever considered how fortunate and unique we really are?  How special you are that that one little egg who was to be  you was  chosen to have life out of all the rest present at that time!   It gives a whole new meaning to "living"!    Life  is a celebration  - not just for our  birth days but every day!  Today I celebrate the wonderful you!

the kardlady

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