Friday, September 16, 2011

"Remember when our birthday suits fit!"

Weight seems to be the favorite topic of conversation anymore  - as a matter of fact you can't  pick up a magazine without a new diet plan being  headlined!  I'm on a 30 day diet now - I've lost 16 days so far!

I do  remember well when my birthday suit fit - when my hair was fat and I was thin?  The Kalico Kard at the left carries  todays blog title inside (click here to view a larger image or to purchase).  One thing's for certain on the flip side of 50 - if we're not bulging in the wrong places, we're wrinkling!  It's why my closet still holds outfits from the 70's and 80's - I keep thinking they are going to fit again some day!

I have so many "Remember whens" waiting for just the right moment to become a Kalico Kard :i.e.  "Remember when hardware was a box of tools and bytes came from mosquitos?  "Remember when the shuffle was only a dance?"  If you don't already have "some-timers", please remember this: "In spirit we are ageless - we are always young-at-heart!"

 the kardlady

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