Monday, September 19, 2011

"Put on your poodle skirt attitude............"

Do you  remember poodle skirts, saddle shoes and 45 rpm record?, If you do, you were probably  a child  of the 50's like me ( oops! did I just give away my age!)!  I didn't have a poodle skirt back then, I just admired them on others-  but I did have a pair of saddle shoes and remember well how it felt when  I wore them!   I also remember my  large collection of 45 records  from the 50's and how alive the music made me feel then and now!

Recently I've been reminiscing with the oldies music of the 50's on  public TV's  fundraiser.  It's  surprising how you can't remember  a  name or an appointment or where you  put your carkeys,  - but can remember every word to most of  those old songs!   And when I sing along with them,  I   get the same feelings of aliveness I had back when  and can  remember the place  I usually heard the song and those I was with!  I can recall  incidents from 50 years ago but  can't remember what I had for breakfast this morning!   Guess I'm gonna have to learn to put things to music so I don't forget them!

I  created the card above  for a few "old friends" from the 50's  (click here to purchase or  view the larger image) - its  message inside: "Put on that poodle skirt attitude and dance your Birthday away!"  It doesn't take much to change my attitude when it comes to music!   We all  have  what I call "sometimers", (its a relative of alzheimers)  sometimes we forget but sometimes we remember with  a little trigger like this Kalico Kard

the kardlady 

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