Friday, September 23, 2011

"Life's just one juggling act after another!"

Life can be one juggling act after the other, can't it?  We put on so many different hats in a day, is it any wonder we forget who we really are -  I've put on four different hats already this morning and it isn't lunchtime yet: I was  chief cook (I made my husband breakfast for a change), practical  bargain shopper (at the grocery store),  cleaning lady (the bathroom was a mess)  and now I think I'm a  blogger!    If I  hadn't taken time this morning  to focus on  who I really am,  I'd be lost in the sauce til the day ended! The  Kalico Kard below is a pretty good image of many of us (click here to purchase or to view a larger image) - it's message inside states a universal truth: Life is just one juggling act after the other",  but we all know what the alternative is! 

Many years ago I asked  myself  "Is this all there is?"  - there was little balance in my life, only never ending work and responsibility!  Years later I found that this question was answered for me.  Upon reflecting,  I discovered - that wasn't  all there was to my life - my  life was merely  what I was giving  to it - I  had created the world I was living in!   Something within me wanted to prove to me there was much more to  my life!  Unconsciously,  I started making  more  time for joy,  rest and relaxation - and when I did my life became more pleasurable and more joyful.  I began to cultivate my desire  and life changed to the same degree I gave myself to it!!

 I've never  made it a habit to think about aging  -"old" to me  is someone 10 years my senior!  Those around me  talk a lot about aging - they try to convince me that  there's a certain time in life that we should start acting "old"!  But inside me  there's this  wise little person  who is the same today as she was yesterday and wants to be  tomorrow - she wants to  live each  moment fully believing  the rest will just  happen naturally without thinking or talking about it! Maybe  that's the way it's supposed to be!

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 the kardlady

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