Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Old friends!

There's something about an old friendship that never wears ragged!  An old friend is someone who knows all about you and accepts  you anyway! There's no better looking glass than an old friend!  Friendship never ages - it's a treasure that just keeps growing in value!

 Recently an old friend found me through facebook  online,  and as we caught up on each others lives since we last met,  I was reminded of many  things I'd  forgotten,  and was refreshed with  pleasant memories of times when life seemed so much  simpler.  I was reminded of a gift I had created for my friend 30 years prior, which was still treasured and of the impact each of us had on the other!!

The card on the left (click here to order or see a larger view)  takes those  "livin' on the flip side of  50"  back to the days of our youth - its message affirms the value of an old friend:   "Age is the sweet price paid for old friends, vintage cars, and nostalgic memories!"

Over the years I've learned this about friendship - it isn't a big thing - it's a lot of little things!
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the kardlady                        

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