Thursday, March 24, 2011

The quote below is from  Pam's Cloth to Creation blog ( along with someone's  answer)!

If all the world is a stage, where is the audience sitting? ~ George Carlin
Answer: They aren't sitting anywhere. They're standing at the ticket booth trying to get a refund!

Well I fnished that aphgan  I talked about in the last blog!  While crocheting  it, I decided it would be a nice gift for our daughter and her hubby's 30th wedding anniversary!  Pleased with how it turned out,  I blocked it, folded it and put it into a gift bag for their special day in August! 

The following weekend at lunch with my daughter,  the conversation turned to crocheting and in passing she mentioned the aphgan I had made for her some years ago.  I didn't recall it so when we returned  home after lunch she brought  it down from her bedroom to refresh my memory -  it was the same aphgan I had just finished in exactly the same colors!  Have you ever done something like that?

And so I've started a new aphgan for them - she chose the pattern and the colors to match her  living room.  Crocheting was just the jolt I needed to get started on  some new card designs again  for  my online shop.  I'd been having trouble getting back  into the mode of creating after my surgery.  The first card  is already in the catalog  here !  It seems all it took to get started was to  spend  myself on a  creative project for the inspiration to flow again!

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