Saturday, January 22, 2011

What has inspired you to create recently?

Can't seem to get started on my normal January schedule - designing new cards for the 2011 season.  While recovering I did some knitting and crocheting because  I just love the feel of  yarn!  A few posts ago I  added an image of the hanger covers I made for little holiday  gifts .  They were really appreciated!  I also knitted a sweaater vest - but the sizing didn't work out as planned. 

While creating the hangers, I inspired my two daughters to  learn to crochet.  The one is making a scarf and the other has made a few ladies hats.  They are doing well with their new found hobby!

Because I  still had  the  yen to continue crocheting -  I went through my older books and found a pattern for  a "mile-a-minute" aphgan from Annie's Attic.  It's a beautiful pattern and very  very simple,  done in  9 strips approximately 6" wide by 82" long with rounded off  ends that when sewn together become scallops, top and bottom.   I chose light rose and white yarn  like the pattern on the cover  and have already finished one strip - I just can't put it down. 

I find the winter months a good time to work with yarn - but then anytime is a good time for  creating - don't you think?   If you've been inspired to create something new or different, why not share it with us in the comment box below.

fondly - the kardlady 

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