Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can't believe 14 days are already gone in this year!  At this rate  , spring will be here before we know it - 65 days til spring by my calculations!  Now that's inspiring!   During these cold winter days I've been keeping my eyes pealed   for things that inspire me!  I just want to huddle up with a blanket to stay warm and read a good book .

 I found  a little book this week called:  "365 ways to bring inspiration into your life" !   The book is  by  Dr. Wayne W. Dyer who has written many inspiring self help books.  

 Each page of this  little book is a brief thought on inspiration taken from his book on Inspiration  - " put together because he has no doubt that inspiration can be cultivated and become the driving force in our lives." 

His  first thought is :  "When you're inspired, your heart sings in appreciation for every breath, and you're tolerant, joyful and loving." 

 I know that when I'm inspired to work on a new card, I can sense my heart singing and  time is no matter - I have extended patience, and feel joyful and loving!  Dr. Wayne states in his introduction:  "what I'm offering here is the awareness that we can return to a full time position of inspiration, which is the true meaning of our lives!

Allowing inspiration to  be the driving force in your  life  sounds like a choice we must make!  What do you think?

the kardlady 

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