Monday, January 3, 2011

Did I forget to wish you a wonderfully happy new year?

It's the third day of a brand new year and I was so excited about writing my last post, I didn't even wish you a happy new year! 

Tomorrow is my first visit with the surgeon and I'm looking forward to getting lots of answers to lots of questions as well as my "marching orders" for the coming weeks or months.  I've gotten almost all the drugs behind me and feel much better about life and my health because of it.  The temperature for January has been very mild, so I've even taken a few 15 minute walks, which felt great.  I did have a xray 3 weeks ago for this visit to find out if that little cage they've surrounded the 3 fused vertebrae with is still in place, which I'm sure it is.  

I do feel good physically and think the operation a total success - but I'll give you any details tomorrow after the visit.  The big question I want answered is am I  capable of taking an 1800 mile road trip to the keys in 4-5 weeks?  

As for the book A Return to Love - I have a few more pages to  read and then I'm going to re-read it and take notes.

Until tomorrow - Sincerely - the kardlady

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