Sunday, January 2, 2011

So much has been said about A Course in Miracles

Over the past month, while recovering,  I took the opportunity  to  read Marianne Williamson's  reflections on A Course in Miracles , as well as her insights on  the application of love, which are  profound.

The book reveals how we become " miracle workers" through willingly accepting  a  different perspective on any problem we  face,  with the help of the  holy spirit within us - whether it's  relationships, career or health.  She shows us how love can be a  potent force and how practicing love we can make our own lives more fulfilling and at the same time create  a more loving peaceful  world to live in.

At first I thought it would be  just one more self help book to digest - but  I was wrong!  Her concepts are inspiring start to finish -  she actually turns  your beliefs and concepts right side up!

I recommend the book  to anyone looking for a miracle - as many of us are!  My miracle goes far beyond the  recovery from back surgery.  It goes  straight to heart  and the  healing of three relationships -  between a mother and  her daughter and  the daughter and her husband.  More about this later.

 If you've  taken the course in miracles or read Marianne Williamson's book on A Return to Love, I'd love for you to  share your insights here or privately.  I was never so motivated  by a book as I was with this one - which tells me I have much to learn from it. 

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