Monday, December 6, 2010

Back to Inspiration

It's the day after one recovery day of complete rest - and I feel like a new person!  Fully  alive, energetic, optimistic, and of course inspired! 

I want to put up that little Norfold Island Pine tree I pur chased and decorate it and  bake some cookies while listening to the Christmas music........  but .......I'm gonna wait a little longer....... until the time is right......and  I'm truly able to  stand  for more than an hour without my legs failing me and  feeling sick to my stomch from the activity!

I've already decided not to rush out to buy gifts for everybody, even tho I love Christmas and do it every year!  I've decided to just give gift cards to their favorite stores - which can be done in one trip to the grocery store - they have gift cards for everywhere! 

I do feel a little left out of all the hulla-ba-loo at times - but then I reflect on the greater hulla-ba-loo - of my being pain free for the rest of my days. Seems sometimes we/I forget  the really important gifts life has for us, if we have a mind to listen and look with an open heart!

the kardlady

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