Sunday, December 5, 2010

Why do we always have to learn the hard way?

Just thought I'd share my weekend with you!  This was the last card show of the season I had booked and it was my option to go or not - she would have saved my space for next guess what I chose?

Right - I felt I could handle it this time!  Didn't learn from the other one Nov. 6,  that too much activity has its consequences!  The show was  from 3pm to 9 and would continue Sat.  9am to 3pm.    I knew I was in trouble when one hour into the show I was already feeling bad. 

 I hung in there til 9pm but did not feel well  the whole time.   Knowing I had to get up and be at the show again at 8:15 after not sleeping all night, it was then I  regretted my bad decision.

 I  said many prayers along the way - wanting only to be home snuggled in my recovery chair in front of the TV - but here I was at 8:15 still feeling totally uncomfortable!  The other 2 girls in the room said I looked like I'd seen a ghost  - but I hung in there - had another cup of green tea, primped my card racks and got it all ready for the customers at 9:00, and when they arrived,  thank God, I was revived!

 The revival however, was only  short lived - by l:00pm the sick feeling came back again, so  I told my husband we'd better start packing up the cards which takes at least 3/4 of an hour - we did and he drove me home then  went back with my grandson to pack up the rest of my display and the cards! 

 In retrospect I asked myself - why didn't you learn from that first show that as yet, it is just too much activity for your condition ?  I'm so glad the shows are behind me  for this year and I can just get on with  my recovery .    I do have some pain but it's not intolerable - it's the drugs again and what they do to you when you overdo!.  I will go for an xray this week to see if that contraption they put in there survived  all my activity!  I guess knowing better  isn't quite enough for some of us- you have to make the effort to do better also!

the kardlady

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